Welcome to the LiveWell Community!

This platform was designed to provide online support to recently diagnosed Parkinson’s patients, new caregivers and health professionals with resources to improve patients and caregivers’ wellbeing and coping strategies. It contains two main areas of interest:

  1. an informative and training area (eLearning) covering the following themes “Living with Parkinson’s disease”, “Taking control over Parkinson’s disease”, “About Parkinson's”, “Caregiver’s guide”, “Drug treatments and complementary therapies”, “Healthy diet recommendations” and “Games and exercises”
  2. a communicational and private area providing tools to better monitor the disease and its progress.


In addition, Parkinson’s Associations can benefit from services provided by the LiveWell platform. In fact with this system it’s possible to create specific areas according to the needs of each Parkinson Association, giving them the profile of administrator. With this profile the Parkinson’s Associations can provide:

  • members who live in remote areas, that have mobility/motor constrains with access to up-to-date informative and training materials
  • recently diagnosed patients and new caregivers with initial information about the disease, its progress, medication, therapies, etc., in a easy to understand language
  • all members with distance care, monitoring and support through the usage of the social community features.


Each available tool and resource was only possible thanks to the support and contributions of national Parkinson’s Associations of the UK, Spain, Iceland, Austria, Romania, Slovenia and Portugal.